The Brinell Hardness test that largest indentment among all the
hardness tests is able to reflect the comprehensive features of the
material,and the test is unaffected by the organization micro-dioptre
and the compositional unevenness of the speciment;and hence it is a
hardness testing with high precision.The Brinell hardness test is widely
used in such industrial fields as metallurgy,forging,casting ,steel and
nonferrous metals industries,as well as in the
laboratories,universities,colleges and scientific research institutes. 


主要技术参数 Main technical parameters
布氏硬度试验力(N):612.9,980,1225,1839, Brinell hradness test (N):612.9,980,1225,1839,
。2452,4900,7355,9800,14700,29400 .2452,4900,7355,9800,14700,29400
硬度测量范围:8-650HBW(硬质合金钢球) Hardness measuring area:8-650HBW(Hardmetals steel ball)
读数显微镜放大倍率:20X Magnification of mieroscope:15X
试件允许最大高度(mm):220 Max height of speciments(mm):240
压头中心到机身距离(mm):130 Distance from indeneter, s center to outerwall(mm):130
硬度计外形尺寸(mm):750×210×550 Machine size(mm):760×530×185
电源电压:AC220V/50HZ Power supply:AC220V/50HZ
仪器重量(kg):125 Weight(kg):120




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